Aroma-oil Massage

The famous lavender fields of the Valensole Plateau in Provence

The use of fragrant, aromatic plant extracts for purposes of healing is ancient. The pleasant smelling essential oils have a soothing, harmonising and stimulating effect, and bring relief from various complaints in a gentle way.


Essential oils contain the life force of the plant in concentrated from. The German word for essential oil is ' 'ätherisch' (Öl), like ether, coming from the greek word 'aither', meaning 'heaven's fragrance', which suggests something floating and untouchable.


What are the benefits of an Aroma oil massage? 


  • Part or whole-body treatment possible
  • affects the skin, muscles, tendons, tissues and indirectly all organs
  • relaxation, well-being, switching off,regeneration
  • stimulating, detoxifying, deacidifying
  • drainage of waste products
  • supports the flow of lymph 
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • warms the entire body
  • balancing effect
  • energising
  • pain relief
  • soothes the vegetative nervous system
  • opens and clears the mind and soul

  • 50 Min. €65