About Me

I was born in Lancashire, England and grew up in a small village in Nottinghamshire. In Liverpool, my parents' birthplace, I graduated from University in 1989 with a Joint Honours Degree in Physics and Maths. However by then it had become clear to me, that I needed much more freedom and movement than a career in research or a large company would offer, so I hit the road...!


Many years later I 'found myself ' as a professional cook, who had traveled on six continents, cooking in restaurants, on private yachts and in castles, châteaux, chalets and villas for extraordinary people who are from noble families, or have excelled in business, entertainment, politics or sport. It wasn't my plan, it seemed to simply happen, because I always followed my heart and wanted to live life on my own terms. A serious case of the travel bug obviously helped!


I was sometimes asked what I seasoned my dishes with, especially meat and fish it seems. Most often I answered " just salt, pepper and olive oil , simplicity is the best" ... This answer fired most guests up.. " No, that can't be! You have other spices in there, but don't want to share your secrets!" I could only laugh, I had no idea what they were talking about... Then a colleague suggested that I have " healing in my hands " which was why the guests felt so good and everything tasted better to them than ' normal '. My idea is that the ' secret spice ' is heart, that anything made with love is more genuine, more honest and simply better.


In any case, I was inspired and had an idea which I put on the back-burner, until I was ready to make a career change.

I had decided to train to become a massage practitioner, so that I could still work with my hands, but also take steps towards working in therapy.


In 2001 in Ashland, Oregon, USA I visited an alternative practitioner in a ' Healing Arts ' practice for the first time.

I was immediately fascinated how the diverse treatments from acupuncture and foot reflexology to reiki and tibetan energetic back massage could shift blockages, move and support me. ' Healing Arts ' implies a holistic means of working, meaning that body, spirit and soul are regarded and treated as a single entity.


I live in the upper Black Forest and work independently as massage practitioner and singing bowl practitioner. I offer many diverse treatments, and also work with holistic methods in order to optimise the client experience.

Whichever treatment you choose, I concentrate on your wellbeing and satisfaction; I look forward to the chance to meet you!